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Rent My Time Changed Lives

Every year you pay your fees out of your pocket you are wasting money


Vacation Investment, the only way to own

No matter where you need help, we can get you the help, education, and knowledge you need to succeed with your own property, no matter where you own and turn your property into the “Vacation Investment”.


Meet Our Mr. Rodgers

Let us share a quick case study.

James Rogers was an owner who did not even purchase his property but inherited it from his parents after they passed. He wanted to try to get rid of it but soon realized that it was more difficult than he thought. He looked into selling it and found the resort only lets the owner sell it exclusively through them, accompanied with a fee or fees remaining after. Meaning the owner does not profit any money on the sale of the property and in most cases will still owe a portion in the end. This is where he asked “Why can’t I sell it myself?”


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