we want all owners to enjoy their property without any burden.

Let us share a quick case study.

James Rogers was an owner who did not even purchase his property but inherited it from his parents after they passed. He wanted to try to get rid of it but soon realized that it was more difficult than he thought. He looked into selling it and found the resort only lets the owner sell it exclusively through them, accompanied with a fee or fees remaining after. Meaning the owner does not profit any money on the sale of the property and in most cases will still owe a portion in the end. This is where he asked “Why can’t I sell it myself?” Owners can try to sell their timeshare but will soon find in the agreement the resort has the first right of refusal in the sale of the property. In the event that a buyer has been found for a property the resort has the ability to stop the sale, especially if they feel the sale price is under what they consider the value of the property. 

3 years into the ownership and never using it. He did make sure he kept up with all the fees regardless after doing his research. James then got hurt at work and did not have the income to pay the fees associated with it anymore. He was worried because he had read that not only could the resort put him into collections but also in extreme cases have a lien put on his property. 

He saw an ad we had on google and decided why not. So he decided to fill out the form to get more information.We gave him a plan on how to maximize the profits he got out of his property every time it became available. 

That was 5 years ago as of 2021 and he now has the means to pay for it but also the income needed to enjoy it. It wasn’t exactly the path he imagined when he set out to try to get rid of it, but it worked out great and he’s super happy. The last time we talked to James we got the impression he was done with being upset with his property and encouraged others to take advantage of our program.

What a journey…


By the way, what do you pay each time your property is available? Would you benefit from earning money to offset the cost? Do you want more information on how to pay for your resort each year and earn enough extra to enjoy the property you bought? Contact Us Now!!