Every year you pay your fees out of your pocket you are wasting money

Would you benefit from earning money to offset the cost? Do you want more information on how to pay for your resort each year and earn enough extra to enjoy the property you bought?

We have spent countless hours developing the system just for our own use. We really never had any intention of sharing it. We saw it purely as a tool to help us understand how we could give our customers a better experience after buying. 

More than a little scared, especially when people started referring to us as Timeshare experts. We felt, and still feel, a little uncomfortable with that. But, once we fully embraced our new roles as Timeshare Experts, lives started to change and there was a major shift in the timeshare world…

Our first week educating owners we knew that we had made the right choice. Almost 80% of owners we spoke to had no idea of the value of their timeshare. The next week we had a 400% increase of opt in owners wanting to talk to one of our experts. 

Have you ever felt drawn to do something but didn’t do it out of fear?  Do you feel fear when it comes to dealing with your resort? Does the ability to have your resort pay for itself appeal to you. When you bought it did you leave feeling fully educated with what you purchased? Contact Us NOW!!