You might be asking yourself who exactly do we help? Who are the types of people who own timeshares? It does not matter if you use it every time it is available or never at all. If you own this information is for you.

Let us share some of what others are saying about us

When I bought my timeshare it sounded like a dream but safter the first year of not using I saw why so many people told me it was a mistake. I went 5 years without using and till paying for it so it did not affect my credit. I saw an add on facebook about renting my time so I filled it out. It was very simple questions and even told me how much my time was worth. I was contacted by the nicest sales representive I had ever met. After about 30 min I wasd signing up. It was the most logical decision I have made as an adult.

- Rosalina Pong

With that mindset, all Rosalina needed was to figure out the skills to have the biggest amount of profit possible to offset the cost she has associated with his property.  With this direction this would alleviate any cost responsibility that would occur each time her time was available.   

We help Owners just like you go from knowing little about the value of their timeshare to turning a profit every single year! (No experience required!)


We also know the THRILL of earning extra income. We know what it’s like to wake up in the morning and see that you’ve made more money than you need to pay for your property.


If you meet those basic criteria, We can definitely help you!!

No matter where you need help, we can get you the help, education, and knowledge you need to succeed with your own property, no matter where you own and turn your property into the “Vacation Investment”


And that’s just scratching the surface…